Prayer Requests

Colored Board in chairs

Pray for wisdom for our Board of Directors as they discuss issues at a Board meeting, Friday, June 2, at 7:00 pm.


Mark Luckey

Pray for Mark Luckey, leading two short term teams this summer in Uganda.  He leaves for Uganda June 4 and will be there approximately 5 weeks.


Lorella n Whitney Rouster

Pray for Lorella and Whitney Rouster, whose trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo has been delayed because of a delay in receiving their visas.  Pray for the visas to be granted quickly, and that the airfare rates do not increase when they are able to re-book their tickets.



Pray for missionaries Jim and Carolyn Driscoll and family.  Jim's mother has terminal lung cancer and is in her last days.  Jim and Carolyn are on furlough to be with her.

Garage Sale

In spite of very windy weather for two days and a rain washout the last day, the garage sale was successful, bringing in over $2,500.  Thank you to all who donated and all who volunteered their time to make it a success!  Praise God for His provision!.

Girl reading Bible

Pray for ECM's evangelistic efforts.  Pray for wisdom to see the direction the Lord is leading, and for decisions for Christ.